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From the Editor's Desk, Minstrel 9-9: Introducing Our 50th Year


My list of alma maters is an accidental world record. Both my elementary school and high school graduating classes – Immaculate Conception School, Class of 2008, and Immaculata High School, Class of 2012, both in my hometown of Somerville, N.J. – were the 50th classes in their histories. When I graduate with DeSales University’s Class of 2016 next May, it will be my third straight 50th anniversary class. If I can’t prove I am the first human being on earth to hold that distinction, I still can act like I am.

Welcome to a special year at DeSales, and an equally special year for The Minstrel, which boasts the same longevity as the college. This newspaper has given the student body its voice as long as the student body has existed. Personally, I think that’s pretty neat, and I’m extremely humbled and eager to serve as editor-in-chief during this milestone year.

The staff and I have many enhancements planned for the school year, some of which I must keep under wraps for now, others that are already visible. Hutton Jackson designed our family of special 50th anniversary logos, as well as our website’s fresh layout. We’ve also unveiled our site’s simpler domain name, desalesminstrel.org, and you may have picked this issue up from one of the newsstands we recently rolled out. Perhaps my favorite upgrade is the creation of a position on our staff we’ve sorely needed during my time here: staff photographers. This issue shows off some fine photography work by JC Falcon and Nick Noverati, which I think makes us look more professional than ever.

As The Minstrel makes progress, so does DeSales. Kimmie Semiday covers all bases in her front-page story that both overviews the 50th anniversary celebration and reports on the new improvements we’re seeing on campus. (Living in Finnegan House this year, I thought my free laundry would be an exclusive benefit, but I’m not bitter.) Will Edwards masterfully puts us in the heads of the Bulldogs’ field hockey team as they anticipate their first game on the new turf field in a must-read on page 8.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think every article is a must-read. Thanks for picking up our first of many great issues to come.

Until next time, DeSales,

Adam Zielonka Editor-in-Chief

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