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From the Editor's Desk, Minstrel 10-22: Adulting


We are a few short weeks away from two very different holidays: Halloween and Election Day. As college students, we have the distinct privilege and ability to celebrate both. Between the ages of 18 and 22, we’re still young enough to get away with donning costumes (though candy might not be what we’re after anymore), and we’re old enough to vote for elected government leaders.

It’s a nice sweet spot, I think, between growing up and staying young. Many of my fellow senior friends hate to think about post-grad life – or, as it was coined recently, “adulting.” Its deliberately improper grammar not only provides the term’s humor, but also reveals its users as children at heart – and not in a negative way at all. Don’t we all yearn for the simplicities of childhood at one time or another, when naps were encouraged and the biggest problem we had to deal with was another kid stealing our crayons?

None of us are Peter Pan, though, and we all have to adult. But this issue is a testament to the wondrous things young adults can accomplish. The Olympic Games have been a young amateur’s event for some time, but can you imagine being 22 and qualifying for the Olympics? The time I spent with world-class shooter Morgan Craft, as friendly a woman as she is talented, left me awe-inspired (pages 1 and 8). I’m incredibly proud of my freshman-year roommate, Rich Garrick, who wrote and directed a dance film so striking and meaningful that Upworthy shared it with an audience of 4 million viewers and counting (page 5). My good friend Jaci Wendel is serving as our Rome correspondent as she studies abroad this semester; her beautiful prose about Rome’s churches will bring you peace if you let it (page 7).

Adulting also requires us to face some grave realities. Juxtaposed with the timing of our feature on a competitive shooter is the recent string of shootings on college campuses, including an unfulfilled threat to an unnamed Philadelphia-area college. Could the Forensic Forum on school shooters (pages 1 and 2) have come at a more useful time? In light of this, features editor Kellie Dietrich makes a strong argument for better gun control legislation (page 3). I won’t delve into the political, but I will say that I wish our country’s students, DeSales’ included, could get their education without fearing for their lives.

But being a target for deranged shooters doesn’t define a college. Truly necessary to the definition of colleges is their students, brilliant and talented in their individual ways, which the institutions then mold into thriving adults. In other words, we’re here to show the world what real adulting is all about.

Until next time, DeSales,

Adam Zielonka Editor-in-Chief

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