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From the Editor's Desk, Minstrel 11-19: Black Friday


You know the important holiday that’s right around the corner: Black Friday!

That’s right—we are mere days away from the holiday consumers and corporations alike look forward to each fall. Sales! Discounts! Stampedes that have caused nearly 100 serious injuries and multiple deaths since 2006! What better way to get into the Christmas spirit? This also means it’s already the season for Christmas commercials, though it’ll be hard to top Target’s 2014 campaign in which anthropomorphized toys relentlessly asked young children, “What d’ya get?,” evoking everyone’s hero and spiritual leader: the Buzzsaw Louie doll from “Veggie Tales” that could only say, “Christmas is when you get stuff! You need more toys.”

If you read my editorials, you know I’m rarely so cynical. Maybe the topic is low-hanging fruit, maybe most of you don’t need to hear this—I like to think that writing to a readership of DeSales students and employees means I’m usually preaching to the choir—but Christmastime consumerism gets uglier every year. It has to stop.

Black Friday has corrupted Thanksgiving, and I don’t mean just recently, when companies began opening their sales at 8 p.m. on Turkey Day. Unbridled capitalist, materialist tendencies took over the collective American psyche long before that. It’s terribly ironic that Abraham Lincoln created this day specifically for us to give thanks for what we have, and it’s become tarnished by a newer tradition of obsessing over what we don’t have.

What are you thankful for this year? It goes without saying I’m thankful for my family, my friends and my always-diligent staff, whom I consider both friends and family. I’m also thankful to have met Timothy Cardinal Dolan in the student session ahead of this year’s Furphy Lecture, and to have helped film Will Edwards’ exclusive interview with him (article on page 1). I’m thankful to go to a university where students are excelling wherever you look – chemistry demonstrations (page 3), the dance stage (page 4) and the basketball court (page 8).

Remember all this if you’re thinking of skipping out on Thanksgiving dessert with family to go to Walmart. Stay grateful, not greedy.

Until next time, DeSales,

Adam Zielonka Editor-in-Chief

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