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From the Editor's Desk, Minstrel 12-10: Good Will Toward Men


Every so often, the majority of our campus comes together in one way or another. Just recently, we’ve had impressive student performances from Screendance Festival (article on page 2) and “Merry Christmas, George Bailey” (page 4) that brought student audiences to applaud their peers. The annual DUC-sgiving Dinner (page 1) filled the room with students from all backgrounds, majors and interests at the same time for one delicious meal.

But it was a far less obvious event on my schedule last week that made me realize the unity to be found on our campus: sitting for senior portraits.

When the photographer offered me an academic robe to wear for certain shots, I noticed she only had one in the room. “So does everyone in the class wear the same robe for their pictures?” I asked her afterward, and she answered in the affirmative.

Yes, whether you’re completing a Bachelor’s of Arts or a Bachelor’s of Science, you wore the same black robe for your sitting. Whether you arrived on campus in August 2012 or transferred here last year, whether you were involved in campus ministry, athletics, performing arts or something else, you wore the same robe as everyone else. I hope I’m not the only one who sees symbolism in that.

So now you’re five paragraphs in and wondering why I am writing about this in December, rather than that kind of important holiday in a few weeks. But this isn’t another column pandering to seniors as in issues past. A discussion about unity is completely relevant to everyone this time of year— we can’t have “peace on earth, good will toward men,” as proclaimed in the Annunciation to the Shepherds, without viewing one another as “united” in humankind and worthy of good will, no matter our background.

With that in mind, Merry Christmas to all of you! Share the Christmas spirit with everyone this season, with Christians and non-Christians alike, for we are all deserving of good will.

Until next time, DeSales,

Adam Zielonka Editor-in-Chief

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